Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sarah from house of krom

Hello everyone! I'm Sarah and I'm joining in on the fun!

I enjoy free-piecing and have used Tonya's letter's in another quilt. I watched her winter class, and I couldn't pass up on joining her summer one. I've recently been rereading Liberated Quilting by Gwen Marston. Between this book and Collaborative Quilting by Gwen and Freddy Moran, I've been wanting to make some liberated quilts. I will focus on houses for the majority of the quilt with stars and/or tree or who-knows-what-else for the "filler".

I have a few other projects to finish before I can get started on this one, but my brain in churning over it all!

Thanks Tonya for your tutorials, inspiration and putting these classes together!


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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Hi Sarah, wonderful to have you in the class. Houses are always a wonderful way to make a quilt. Hope you can get started soon.