Monday, March 17, 2008

Checking In

I'm still here. And I'm working. Words aren't working well with the images in my head, so I'll hold off and post some pictures as soon as my camera decides to cooperate or when I give up and purchase a new one. The theme is Working Roots. And I think this wants to be a wearable piece. I'm in way over my head but it does increase my motivation to learn to swim!

Does anyone know how to do the process of soaking muslin in staining agents (coffee, tea, cinnamon, vanilla, etc.) and then baking it? I'm experimenting and the staining part seemed to work alright, but the baking part nearly got me evicted. And the muslin didn't get as stiff as I know it can be. I have no clue about temp or time with the baking. I'd like a better idea of what I'm doing before I start torturing the linen I'm working with or mixing it up with embroidered fabric.

I'm enjoying everyone's posts and really delighted with how much I'm learning from your photographs. Thanks to all for the sharing and inspiration.


Tracey in CT said...

take a look at
Lucy just posted recently about making a doll from muslin that she dyed in instant coffee and baked in the oven...a technique that I had never heard of before. Maybe that can give you a starting point.

Carol E. said...

I've heard of tea-dyed fabric, but never heard of the baking part. Of course, I have never looked into it, so I really know nothing but the tiny bit I've heard.

QuiltingFitzy said...

I made a tray with a fabric picture insert and just made a watery paste with leftover coffee grounds. I painted it directly onto the muslin fabric to control where I wanted it. Just ironed it, rather than bake.

Anonymous said...

Thanks,everyone, for your input. I've sent off an email to Lucy and continued with my experimentation. I think I'm getting the hang of it!