Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brenda here in wintery Winnipeg!

It's not nearly summer here, but perhaps a warm weather project will warm my spirits, if not my body. I want to make a quilt with a repetitive exclamatory feel. I've thought of asterisks, exclamation marks, or stars (how many ways could one do a free pieced star?) since I intend this to be a thank you gift for a longtime elementary school teacher who has been a wonderful influence in my children's lives for the past five years. I suppose I could go to the cliche of schoolhouses, but this teacher has taken our students out into the world instead of staying inside the classroom. That's my seed of an idea, and I'll plant it here for now. Thanks for doing this, Tonya. I learned lots from the last class and I'm sure this will be the same.

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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

sounds like a fabulous idea. There are LOTS of ways to free-piece stars. I love the idea of exclamation marks - that tickles me. Hope this project warms you up!