Sunday, March 21, 2010

At long project is done!

I'm not sure anyone is still checking this blog, but I'm posting my news anyway! LOL
After a full 2 years, I am finally finished with the assignment. This is "Tree Everlasting", a completed top (not quilted yet). I have worked on it in spells throughout these past years, and I finally finished it last night. I think a border of any kind would look too heavy, so I plan to add only a dark binding.
I want to hand quilt it, but I'm afraid of all those seams! Some are only 1/4-1/2" apart. I'm thinking the quilting will go easier with a polyester batting, but I prefer cotton. Decisions, decisions...
Tonya, you have been a great inspiration. Thanks for all your encouragement and advice in this class and others. I'm hoping to enter my "masterpiece" in the local quilt show this Fall.