Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sawtooth tree

I took your advice and added another tall tree in the lower right corner. It looks great there! Thanks for the suggestion. I made 4 more trees last night and moved things around a bit. I'm getting bored seeing the same ol' tree styles, so I've drawn out 2 completley different designs. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Trees...need a critique

Here's the "big picture". I'm not done, of course. I intend to add more trees. Right now, I need a break and I want your opinions. I think it needs more big trees (the size of the tree sitting on top of the 'D')....or should I just flood the piece with tons of smaller trees? Do the trees need to be closer together?
I'm not sure of the positioning of "Deep in the Forest" either. Should I move it to the right, under the tall Tree Everlasting....or should I line it up on the left side of the quilt...or leave it centered?
I'm in a thinking stage, so any ideas about balancing this piece will be welcome.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kudos to All

No pictures to share, no progress to report, just wanted to drop in and say what a wonderful job everyone is doing with their quilts. Even though my hearts are on the back burner for the moment I really enjoy looking at what everyone else is doing. The colors and the wonkiness never fail to cheer me up! Hurray for free piecing!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tree Everlasting

Just to show you that I've been working on this, here's a couple of pictures.

I am piecing in sections...adding a few trees as I go...and then moving on to another section. When all the words are put together, I'll have to make more trees to fill in the spaces between the phrases. I plan to stagger the trees rather than set them in straight rows, and of course, that means the piecing will be more complicated. I am having fun though! I'm rummaging through my large basket of fabric "strings" for more beige fabrics to use in the skinny spaces between letters. More variety, you know. (I hope the background isn't too busy!)

project k top done

sheesh...I forgot to post a photo here of the finished k top. It's going with me for hand quilting later today as we spend the weekend at the beach. I will toss many threads into the van as I have not decided quite what I want to quilt on it as yet.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I am to be Violette's godmother on Saturday. I wanted to make her a quilt as a gift. I had not originally planned to include her name, but after toying with Tonya's letters, I decided to give it a try. The tallest letters here are about 8 inches high.

But I thought the letters in the fabric were a bit too washed out; that there wasn't enough contrast. Then I found this dark purple fabric with lines of pink dots in the bargain bin. I liked the contrast with the background fabric.I liked the spacing of the letters in the original and decided to keep it, so I worked on her middle name first. Then I decided to make a wonky heart to dot the "i" in "Violette."As you can see, the new fabric provides a strong contrast with the background fabric. I will use the original panel elsewhere. This is the completed name panel. It's about 20" high by about 24" wide.

After I got this far, I realized this was going to be bigger than a "standard" baby quilt. With what should I fill up the space? What, I wondered, was "girly?" As soon as I posed the question in my mind, this phrase popped in my head...

"Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice"

I knew I was in serious trouble.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Monkey Business

Here is my not-to-scale sketch showing the direction I'm headed with the borders... gotta love a good eraser!!

Have loads of yellows but am a little concerned about the black background fabric ~ will proceed carefully to fill in the central panel and then re-evaluate the situation. Hope to stitch (a lot) on Saturday.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ready for the Next Steps ~

All of the letters have been stitched and the words are spelled out on my design wall ~ now it is time to create the top itself. Still playing with multiple border ideas...

"Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing the monkey bars -- at some point you have to let go in order to move forward." (author unknown)
Added Later ~
The saying above is paraphrased from a scene in The Wizard of Oz ~ the Wicked Witch calls upon her army of flying monkeys to track down Dorothy & her companions, skyjacking them back to the castle... click here for more info on those monkeys. In my case, the motivation came from a bad day at work...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

progress on the k project

I have spent most of today working on my summer class -the k project. Thought I would post a current photo of it's current status. Some of the parts are stitched together, and I have bits and pieces in place around those sections. Still subject to change of course but I am really enjoying the process of putting this top together.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Roses - Quilt top finished!

Well ladies, she's done. The top is finished. Oh, I like her! With a LOT of help from above and from Grandma's machine and quick basting hands back home, there is a possibility she'll be quilted before the wedding. Keep your fingers crossed that all will go well and I can give this to my hermanacita on her wedding day!

(When I am home I'll try to get a picture once she's finished that shows all of the borders. Don't have anywhere big enough in my little apartment!)

Thank you for all your support and encouragement along the way. You are all fabulous!

Hanging my head in shame

Oh my ... despite the best of intentions and lots of ideas zipping around my head I still have not started my repetition project. I might take material on holiday with me, the project would then mainly be handpieced - we're flying and there is no way I can take my sewing machine, obviously.

I will report in August, hoping that I've accomplished something by then.

Pink tic tac toe

I was having a little fun while I was trapped (LOL) in my sewing room upstairs today while my husband was sanding the front hall floor. I've made a wonky nine patch of wonky nine patch stars. No other plan yet, but just some summer fun.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

And so it begins...

Finally, visible progress!!! The first three words are constructed and fabrics pulled for the rest.

The monkey wrench blocks will form the lower edge.

Side and top borders yet to be decided (work in progress). . .

Friday, July 11, 2008



I wish I had asked for all of your opinions BEFORE I started many great ideas. In the end, I have ended up doing a bit of everything...a little appliqué, cutting some straight edges to sew short rows, some set-in corners, some partial hexagons. Just whatever it takes to get it together depending on where each rose is fitting in. I will post pics soon so you can see how it is coming together. It is taking longer than I'd like, but I've made my peace with it. Hopefully the top will be done on Monday! Only 3 more roses to go out of 30 and then the wonky borders. Yeah! THANK YOU for all the encouragement and ideas. Although I haven't used all of them for this top, I now have a plethora of things I want to try in the future. You are all FABULOUS!!!!
- Andrea

My roses are so wonky I am having a bear of a time putting them together. Tried set-in seams... disastrous. Doing some appliqué edges, some straight is taking forever. Anyone have some suggestions? I don't want to turn them into squares, but at this point that's all I can think of that won't take a DECADE to complete. I'd love to hear any ideas you might have...


Better Late Than Never?!?!?

I have been dithering ever since I signed up for this class...

I just haven't been able to get my head around WHAT I wanted to do.

Wonky houses, wonky log cabin blocks, a row quilt ~
around and around and around...

And then today inspiration struck!!

It was one of "those days" at work when everything was needed 6 hours ago.
Too many people wanting too many things on a day
when we were short a receptionist
(meaning the rest of us had to take turns covering for her).

Anyway, I had torn a page from a catalog yesterday
because a particular color combination caught my eye.

The page surfaced on my desk this afternoon, and THERE IT WAS...
the phrase that has eluded me for so long

Don't make me break out my
Flying Monkeys!

I don't know which color combination I'll use,
but I finally know what I want to say on my quilt!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Roses - Progress!

Going to take a short break from sewing to post this picture of the progress on my rose quilt. Oh how I wish I had a design wall!!! Alas, my white bedspread and standing on a stool has to do. I think I have another 6 roses or so before I call it good. Then filler greens, putting it together and borders. It's coming along!

p.s. Thank you for all the encouraging comments to my last post. I can't figure out how to reply directly those of you who asked questions! to blogging. When I am safely within my deadline for this project, I'll tackle that!

Ryan's Quilt

I finally figured out what to do for my summer quilt. I decided to repeat my son's name several times in the border and then do free piecing for the center blocks. It started out like this:

Then it exploded!
And there are still more.

I'm trying to figure out how to set the blocks together. The words will go in a red border. It will be a while before I get back to them because the Sister's quilt show is this week and I'm super busy. I hope you are all having a great summer!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cher's K project

I have finally returned to serious working on my summer class project, known as the k project.

I am learning by doing of course to make lower case letters. the proportions are tricky for me-I tend to want to make LARGE letters...and I need to keep the scale on the small side-as I want this to be a small sized wall hanging type quilt. This is already 28 inches wide and I really don't want it much wider. I hate that I have to go back to the full time work job tomorrow and only have evenings to work on this.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Letters....

I wanted to make a button for my blog to link here and I do like this idea of putting words into my quilts. I also decided to make a little quilt to hang at my desk at work. "Do It" fits the bill for me, what do you think? Next on my list is the "Wonky Hearts" and Houses...
On another note, Happy 4th everyone...I can't wait for 4 days of quilting and knitting time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Loving the Libbers

I haven't checked out this blog in a while, and I was VERY impressed when I came back today and saw all the progress being made. The Liberated Quilts are all turning out so great and are so inspiring. I want to make a bunch more! First, I hope to get mine quilted very soon......

from Carol E.

First Word...not my last

Here is my first word done, the last 2 letters were pretty easy, thanks to the information that Tonya posted. I am pretty happy with the letters, and I do like the colors. The fabric for this piece is from 5" squares of batik's that I purchased at Hancock Fabrics in Paducah, Ky a couple of years ago. It was fun to limit myself to the squares for this first word. I have quite a few squares left, and plan on using more of them in the rest of the quilt.