Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fitzy - It's OK to start another project!

Tonya has NO IDEA what a salesperson she is. She only had to tell us she had another class brewing and I WAS THERE. She's that lil' devil on my shoulder shouting, "Ya wanna join, don't cha?!"

My Winter Class project isn't finished, and it's still getting worked on, rather than being an abandoned UFO. I'm struggling with the background, but I understand that it too is a part of the experience!

I am anxious to hear some brainstorming for this new class, I need some ideas!!!

I either hear Tonya's quilt cry, "AIEEEEEEEEEEE" or that lil devil is pokin' me in the hiney to get busy. (Hey! That's repetitive!)


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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I figure it's fine to start new projects and then when the spirit grabs you go back and finish up the old ones that still excite you (or else throw those bits into the orphan block pile for a different quilt) I figure you'll get excited to work on your christmas quilt when november rolls around... Okay, I'll get some ideas posted soon.