Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Heidi - I'm here too :-)

glad to be here too :-)
I had so much fun with the winter class, I'm sure this one will be great, too !
I'm torn between wonky houses and the number 1 and 0 ( I'm a programmer ). But probably will take the wonky houses, as Tonya's house quilts look so great ! Don't know yet which fabrics I'll use, maybe soft colours this time.


Archaic Dome said...

OMG! A binary quilt? That would be the ultimate in geekiness! AND it would go great with Santa Spock! I have to make one one day! You know, there are only 10 kinds of people in the world- those who understand binary and those who don't...

Heidi said...

LOL ! Had to read your sentence twice to understand :-)) Thought about coding our family names in EBCDIC or ASCII, but have to check first how many 1's and 0's I'd have to sew

Archaic Dome said...

Coding in ASCII would be cool. I have a T-Shirt that has my name in hex. Only Scott knows what it says. :)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I actually love the binary code ideas you two are throwing at each other, even though I have absolutely no idea what you're saying. That would be a really fun quilt.

Houses would be great too. You're going to make a fabulous quilt no matter what you pick. Heck, you can do two quilts if you really get moving quick!