Saturday, May 10, 2008

Juliann's teacup update

I sewed the teacups together for the center. Now I need to work on more words. I am not thrilled with the pink cup - second down on the left - but I love the fabric up close so it stays. I think the words all need to be framed by light colors. I had sewn the word white a while ago but I don't think it will work. The cup in the border is just hold a place although I may make some more little blocks to space out the words.

Off to make a cup of tea and get back to sewing.


blackbearcabin said...

your quilt is really coming along beautifully!!! i love it! and even though the cup in the border is a place holder, i think it looks great there :)
good work~

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Juliann, this is marvelous. I love the different cups and how you used a black background to make some stand out. that pink cup doesn't bother me at all - I like it, and I like the one in the border too. I'm drinking my tea right otherwise I'd have had to go make one!