Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coming to Life

I set my hearts together. I had thought I would keep them in the vertical orientation I originally laid them out in...

but after I'd auditioned several potential sashing fabrics they ended up horizontal!

It was quite a struggle to find the right sashing color/print. I started with the purples I had used around the hearts, thinking I would simply float the hearts. It was flat and boring. I must have spent two days, off and on, pawing through my stash to find something that worked. This red batik is dark enough to sit well with the purples and some of the dots on it actually look purple now (they looked black before I put them next to the blocks). I like the introduction of orange in the red too. This puts me in mind of the clowns Fredi used to make.

Before I found the sashing fabric I made one more block, thinking that I might want/need more hearts. This one is smaller than most of the others because it was made from the offcuts of the other blocks. I tried to fit it into the top but it just wouldn't work. So I have a starter block for something else :- )

I've made yet another heart block, this time out of silk, for my monthly journal quilt project. I'll be posting that on my personal blog soon.

I've thought about adding letters to this one per suggestions y'all have made. Still undecided on that point though.


Clare said...

It's beautiful. I love the colours.

Nancie said...

The red sashing really changes the tone of the hearts. It heats them up, makes them more dramatic!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

That red was a great choice. It's coming along really well.

Betsy said...

Your hearts look great! I hope mine will do as well. I'm reading about the Red Hat Society--your colors fit right in with it. :-)