Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally Finished!

Ta da... took it to work today (just for the day) ~ it is definitely a "statement" quilt!

Here's a link to the Picasa album so you can see close ups of the borders and the awesome custom quilting that Chris added. And yes, it has a hanging sleeve AND a label... which means it is truly "done."

What a fun class this has been ~ so many really creative people!

Thanks, Tonya!



black bear cabin said...

its fabulous....i love it! :)

Andrea said...

Oh hooray! It's fabulous!!! I still love, love, love the wavy border on the side.


andreaelizabeth said...

So unique and wild - I love your use of yellow, red and black.
Andrea, Lake Elmo, MN

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I love this quilt, you did a fantastic job on it. congrats and a big woohoo! on the finish.

Lynda said...

This has turned out so well! (I keep thinking about the phrase -so useful in so many situations!)

Rae said...

Incredible! I laughed out loud and then noticed your beautiful craftsmanship.

Sharon said...

You've inspired me! I love word quilts or maybe I should say quilts with words on them. I've always wanted to make one with a favorite quote. After seeing your wonderful quilt, I think I'll start planning it!