Thursday, October 16, 2008

still hand quilting

I know, it's Autumn but I am still quilting on my summer class quilt,, I thought an update photo would be a good idea.

I am working on the green area between the K is 4 and Kindness, quilting half circles by using a small glass from my cupboard and chalk to draw the arcs. You can click to enlarge and see what I am talking about. I am making up my quilting patterns as I go along, choosing colors and in general really enjoying the quilting process. I am not in a rush to finish this-however, with as many new tv shows on now to watch, I am quilting lots more in the evenings.
Everywhere I take this piece I get lots of positive comments on it...sure makes people smile and certainly makes me feel cheerful working on it.


Clare said...

I like the idea of making up the quilting as you go along. I think somewhere in the way distant past I did that once. Can't think why I don't do it again!

BrendaS said...

It makes me smile too! stitch on.

Andrea said...

You have such fun bright fabric. And I love that you're making up the quilting as you go along. What a fun adventure! I like the spiral above the "n" in the word kindness and the heart below it....Fun!

Nancie said...

Love your quilting, Cher. It matches the 'tone' of the quilt. I think you should get rid of the glass and just draw your shapes would even MORE fun! ;-)