Friday, September 12, 2008

Continuing with Trees

My Tree Everlasting quilt is coming together, slowly but surely. I am now at the hard part-- making 100+ odd-size pieces fit together. It is a challenge! I've committed to working on it for a couple hours every week, and already I am seeing major progress. It will take me a few more weeks to get the whole top assembled, but I wanted to let everyone to know that I'm still working on it. :-)

I would love to see a progress report from others. It would help me to know that others are hard at work on finishing their quilts, too.

Congratulations to those who have actually finished your quilts! I will be among you someday.


Kristin L said...

If it makes you feel better, my mushrooms have not progressed one bit. I've not given up as i really want to make this quilt, but due to life, I've not pieced anything beyond my first "test." Make your trees at your pace. They will be wonderful whenever they are done!

Andrea said...

Oh am so glad you are chipping away at this little by little! It is going to be so absolutely lovely when it is done! A big cheer of support from me!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

your quilt is amazing, keep at it!

Clare said...

My houses quilt is still in bits waiting to be put together. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever finish it.

I love your quilt - keep on sewing!

Betsy said...

Just a bit at a time & it will get done.... Good for you--setting time to focus on completing trees. You'll get there!

andreaelizabeth said...

Keep working on it even if it's in small increments and it will finish itself I bet - it seems that sometimes the quilt takes over and goes someplace you don't anticipate - I look forward to seeing it.
Andrea, Lake Elmo, MN

andreaelizabeth said...

It is sad to hear of Violette's loss. The quilt is absolutely beautiful, a whole big banner of a rainbow colors. It is very special.

Andrea, Lake Elmo, MN

Andrea, Minnesota said...

oops, my second comment was for the Violette quilt!
Hope to see more of those trees soon.