Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not pleased with myself

Oh well, things did not progress as well as I'd hoped and I have precious little to show:


I'm not sure it I like the non-wonkyness but maybe I have been brain-washed by all your wonky projects. Also I'm bothered by the absense of piecing but then again, I said I wanted to do appliqué and try a few different things and embellishments.

In short, I don't function well on the no-plan plan but promise to plow ahead with this because I am curious where it will take me.

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Magpie Sue said...

Plowing new territory is always scary and hard. It must be especially challenging to see all of us piecing when you want to applique. Stay true to your original vision! Above all else, don't give up and don't be too hard on yourself; that's a sure-fire way to kill creativity.