Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hi there! I'm new!

Hello! My name is Andrea. (I will post under a family nickname, "Andriann". You already have an Andrea!) I live in NYC, where I dance, teach and try to find time to quilt and get in the outdoors. I am so excited to have found this class! The things you are working on look so inspiring. I have been quilting off and on for a few years and seem to get so busy that I don't have many finished projects, but I love it anyway! (And, this year has been much better finishing...three gift quilts finished in less than a year!)

I haven't yet done any free-form, no-rules piecing, although I have sketched some quilts ideas for "some day", mostly inspired by Valori Wells "Stitch and Flip" book. When I saw the class, the trees quilt was the top post and it grabbed my attention. Then I fell in love with the sketches for the fairy ring quilt. I peeked at all of the other ideas and I thought,"I want to do something like that, but all of my current projects are structured....with patterns." Then I remembered the idea I've had to do a free-form rose quilt for my only sister who is getting married next month, and gosh-darn it, here I am...with a new blog and committed to a new project.

So after the long intro, I am looking forward to seeing all of your projects and ideas and sharing my own little adventure as it unfolds....and gets finished, hopefully! :)


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Andrea, welcome to the class. NYC? That's exciting.rose quilt sounds like a grand idea. hope you'll consider doing some lettering on there as well, such as sister and grooms names, dates, etc - make it really personal. now get started with that sewing!

Magpie Sue said...

Welcome, and good luck with your roses! That could be a fabulous wedding (or anniversary!) gift.